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The plugin is available in English, Russian(Русский), German(Deutsch), Polish(Polski) and Serbian(Српски језик).

Are you looking for easy, user-friendly and robust event management plugin?

Simple Event Planner by PressTigers is a next generation, lightweight event management plugin that list facebook/WP events and calendar to your WordPress website.

This plugin is used to manage & display various events within the site. It has various options, including events from different categories. Whether you have; a single event or multiple events, you can display it as a list or in calendar format by simply inserting shortcode i.e. [event_listing], [event_calendar].

Additionally, you can add event calendar on your WordPress website by simply inserting shortcode [event_calendar], making it extremely powerful and flexible.

The plugin allows to have a specific number of upcoming events arranged in calendar list along with search feature to search events by event location.

Facebook Shortcode


Plugin Features

  • Create Events Quickly
  • Time Zone Settings for Events
  • Unlimited Event Segments
  • Show/Hide Event’s Options
  • List View
  • Grid View
  • Calendar View
  • Search Event by Title (List View)
  • Search Event by Location (Calendar View)
  • Events Categories (Taxonomies)
  • Responsive Layout
  • Localization (Translation Ready)
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Shortcode Builder
  • Google Maps for Event Location
  • Template Layout Settings
  • Image Enable/Disable
  • Time Format Settings
  • Date Format Settings
  • iCal Calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Facebook Event Listing(With grid & list views.)
  • Visual Layout Settings

Event Planner Templating

With event planner templating exciting feature you can change the following file templates.

  • content-wrapper-start.php
  • content-wrapper-end.php
  • event-listings-start.php
  • event-listings-end.php
  • content-event-listing.php
  • content-no-events-found.php
  • content-single-event-listing.php
  • event-schedule.php
  • event-description.php
  • event-details.php
  • event-venue.php
  • single-event-listing.php
  • event-search.php
  • calendar-search.php
  • archive-event-listing.php
  • event-pagination.php
  1. To change a template, please add “simple_event_planner” folder at default theme root directory.
  2. Add above mentioned file from plugin simple-event-planner > public > partials folder keeping the same file directory structure (as mentioned in the header of each file) and customize it based on your needs.

Can you contribute?

If you are an awesome contributor to translations or plugin development, please contact us at


  • Event Options - Let the user fill details of an event.
  • Event Location - Let the user fill event location and set its map.
  • Event Categories - List of Categories (Taxonomies)
  • Event List Creation - Allow users to create event list with ease by using a shortcode.
  • Event Calendar Creation - Allow users to create event calendar with ease by using a shortcode.
  • Event Facebook List Creation - Allow users to create facebook events with ease by using a shortcode.
  • Event Color Options Settings - Customize color scheme of all three templates.
  • Event API Key Settings - Add API key to use GMap for location address.
  • Event Template Settings - Event Listing Configuration.
  • Event Social Settings - Facebook Event Listing Configuration.
  • Event Visual Layout Settings - Drag and drop event sections.
  • Event List View - Front-end list view of events.
  • Event Grid View - Front-end grid view of events.
  • Event Detail Page - Event detail/single page. Event details related to event location and its organizer are placed on it.
  • Event Calendar - Front-end view of the calendar with upcoming events listing.


  1. Alŝutu al la dosierujo /wp-content/plugins/ en via interreta servilo.
  2. Aktivigu la kromprogramon per la menuo ‘Kromprogramoj’ en WordPress.
  3. Aldonu normalan WordPressan paĝon aŭ afiŝon kaj uzu koncizkodon [event_listing] en la redaktilo por enmeti liston de eventoj.
  4. Aldonu normalan WordPressan paĝon aŭ afiŝon kaj uzu koncizkodon [event_calendar] en la redaktilo por enmeti event-kalendaron.


How to create event list?

In your WordPress admin panel, go to “Event Planner” menu and add a new event. All the event listing will be shown in the admin panel and on the front-end.

How to show event list on the front-end?

To list all the event list, add [event_listing] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.

How to change the layout of event listing using a shortcode?

To change the event listing view, add [event_listing events_layout=”grid”] or [event_listing events_layout=”list”] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.

How to show event calendar on the front-end?

To list event calendar , add [event_calendar] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.

What language files are available?

You can view (and contribute) translations via the .

Can I display event list for particular “category” using a shortcode?

Yes, you can use shortcode on post/page i.e [event_listing event_category=”category-slug”]

Can I show event list of Calendar for particular “category” using a shortcode?

Yes, you can use a shortcode on post page i.e , [event_calendar event_category=”category-slug”]

Can I show only 5 latest events on front-end with pagination?

Yes, you can show any number of events on your website with pagination feature by using shortcode with “events_limit” attribute i.e. [event_listing events_limit=”5″]

Can I show only 5 latest events of a calendar on front-end?

Yes, you can show any number of events on your website by using shortcode with “events_limit” attribute i.e [event_calendar events_limit=”5″]

Can I show only 5 latest facebook events on front-end with pagination?

Yes, you can show any number of events with cursor based pagination by using shortcode with “limit” attribute i.e. [sep_fb_event_listing limit=”5″]

Can I turn off calendar search bar?

Yes, you turnoff search bar with “search” attribute i.e [event_calendar search=”false”]

Can I turn off event list search bar?

Yes, you can turn off search bar with “search” attribute i.e [event_listing search=”false”]


Junio 8, 2019
Shortcodes don't work. Displays list every time. Previous reviewer complained the same so perhaps the latest version of WP broke it. Moving on...
Aprilo 14, 2019
UPDATED APRIL 14TH - I had previously said this plugin was awesome, and it used to be. But it seems it is simply broken now. Perhaps the new version of WordPress was the issue, but either way, it's not working. Now, when I create a new category, and use the shortcode to list just that category on a page, it still shows all events, not just one category. So it's almost pointless to use it for new categories. I had another issue as well, but after an initial reply telling me they were looking into it, the developer never replied again. Perhaps they have given up on the plugin? No idea, but in it'd current state, it's not much use. PREVIOUS REVIEW: I don't have time to spend figuring out how to use over-complicated or too in depth event plugins. I just want to create the event and stick it on my website as quick and easy as possible. And Simple Event Planner almost allows me to do just that. Literally, if all you need is a veryu bear bones and basic event listing plugin, you won't find much better than this. The only thing holding it back from true Epic-hood is the fact it's almost too basic. There are some things that are missing, at least for a novice non-coder, such as more customization options and recurring events, but hopefully the more people use this, the more time the developers can put in and the better it will get. It's pretty close though. Personally, I'd also consider a paid option, if they can just go that extra mile and fill in all the gaps. Here's hoping. 🙂
Januaro 2, 2019
This plugin has the most visually pleasing layout I have found with an event plugin, and I am sad I cannot use it. My client has many recurring events, and the option is not available with this plugin.
Septembro 18, 2018
After looking at a number of other plugins, I felt the Simple Event Planner was the best balance of functionality and aesthetics. It looks very professional and works elegantly on mobile devices too. The support I received was fantastic. Responses were timely and helpful. I am very pleased. Would definitely recommend.
Julio 12, 2018
Would be a 5-star plugin if the date and time formats worked. No matter what I select in settings, clear the cache, the date still shows Day/Month/Year and 24 hour time. Bummer.
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  • Feature – Added Serbian translation.
  • Feature – Added Facebook events listing.
  • Feature – Added Social settings tab for Facebook API keys.
  • Feature – Added visual layout settings to move event details’ sections through drag and drop.
  • Feature – Added timezone option in the admin area of event detail page.
  • Feature – Added options for container class and Id under Template settings.
  • Fix – Resolved the theme styling conflicts for event pages.
  • Fix – Removed event counter for past event.
  • Fix – Fixed iCal DateTime issue for Apple devices.
  • Fix – Removed the “Add to Google Calendar” & “Add to iCal” links when no date is selected.
  • Fix – Balanced counter layout with the image.
  • Fix – Resolved the map location search issue.
  • Fix – Visually balanced the event segments layout in meta box.
  • Note – Removed single_event_listing_end action hook from simple-event-planner-template-functions.php file and single-event-listing.php.


WP 4.9 Compatibility – Resolved the color picker issue in settings color options tab.
Tweak – Localized the calendar strings and updated .pot file.
Fix- Fixed the date translation for non-English languages.


  • Feature – Added Polish translation.
  • Tweak – Changed the event timings format to Hours:Minutes(H:M).
  • Fix – Added missing patterns for organizer phone number.
  • Fix – Added missing phrases in the .pot language file.
  • Fix – Localized the hard-coded strings.
  • Fix – Fixed the settings tabs toggling issue for none-English sites.


  • Fix – Fixed the WP text editor content ordering issue.
  • Fix – Resolved the admin CSS conflict with other plugins.


  • Feature – Added venue/map placement setting.
  • Tweak – Minor CSS change.
  • Note – Added PressTigers logo branding in footer of admin pages.


  • Tweak – Revamped the whole HTML structure of SEP plugin.
  • Feature – Added grid layout.
  • Feature – Added shortcode parameter for event listing views ( list or grid view ).
  • Feature – Added settings for image hide/show.
  • Feature – Added settings for event archive listing layout ( list view or grid view ).
  • Feature – Added settings for date & time format.
  • Feature – Added Russian & German translation.
  • Feature – Added plugin level templating.
  • Feature – Event can be added to Google calendar & iCal.
  • Note – Improved plugin security.


  • Fix – Resolved minor calendar layout issues.
  • Fix – Trimmed content in different labels & descriptions.
  • Fix – Resolved front-end map loading issue.


  • Fix – Critical issue resolved in event listing & calendar shortcode.


  • Feature – General settings for event listing, event detail page & calendar to change colors.
  • Feature – Revamped the event listing page design.
  • Feature – Revamped the event calendar page design.


  • Feature – Added Google map for event location.
  • Feature – Introduced templating.
  • Feature – Introduced settings.
  • Feature – Typography settings for event listing, event detail page & calendar.
  • Feature – GMap API key settings.
  • Feature – Added event title search for event listing.
  • Feature – Added event detail and archive template pages.
  • Feature – Event’s all detail can hide or show from admin site.
  • Feature – Added time zone for events.
  • Feature – Added multiple segments for an event.
  • Feature – Revised the event listing and event detail page design.
  • Feature – Revised the event calendar page design.
  • Feature – Added event planner shortcodes generator in TinyMCE editor.
  • Feature – Ready for translation.
  • Feature – Added pagination for event listing.
  • Fix – Closed the jQuery datepicker for event start & end date after selecting a date.
  • Fix – Closed the jQuery timepicker list for event start & end time after selecting time.


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