Egaligu publikigadon

La libereco por konstrui. La libereco por ŝanĝi. La libereco por disdoni.

Nia misio

WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so you can focus on sharing your story, product, or services freely. The basic WordPress software is simple and predictable so you can easily get started. It also offers powerful features for growth and success.

We believe in democratizing publishing and the freedoms that come with open source. Supporting this idea is a large community of people collaborating on and contributing to this project. The WordPress community is welcoming and inclusive. Our contributors’ passion drives the success of WordPress which, in turn, helps you reach your goals.

WordPress contributors work around the globe, and have dedicated countless hours to build a tool that democratizes publishing. WordPress is open source software that is both free and priceless.

The Technology

Learn about WordPress, where it’s been, and where it’s going.

The Details

There’s so much in the details. Stay abreast with the particulars.

The People

Learn about the community and how we get along.

Our Story

WordPress started in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg created a fork of b2/cafelog. The need for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system was clear even then. Today, WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL, and licensed under the GPLv2. It is also the platform of choice for over 43% of all sites across the web.

The WordPress open source project has evolved in progressive ways over time — supported by skilled, enthusiastic developers, designers, scientists, bloggers, and more. WordPress provides the opportunity for anyone to create and share, from handcrafted personal anecdotes to world-changing movements. People with a limited tech experience can use it “out of the box”, and more tech-savvy folks can customize it in remarkable ways.

Deklaracio de la Rajtoj

La permesilo de WordPress estas sub la Ĝenerala Publika Permesilo (GPLv2 aŭ pli nova) kiu donas kvar liberecojn. Konsideru tion la WordPressa Deklaracio de la Rajtoj:

La 1a libereco

Por ruli la programon por ĉia celo.

La 2a libereco

Por studi la funkciadon de la programo kaj por ŝanĝi ĝin por igi ĝin fari kion vi volas.

La 3a libereco

Por redistribui.

La 4a libereco

Por distribui ekzemplerojn de via modifita versio al aliaj.