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Bring your creative visions to life with Essential Blocks for Gutenberg, the ultimate blocks library for WordPress!
Enhance your Gutenberg experience with 50+ unique blocks (more coming soon). Add power to the block editor using our easy-to-use blocks, which are designed to make your next WordPress page or post design easier and prettier than ever before.


See It In Action: Check out all the interactive block demos in one place.


Each block comes with a bunch of options to control every possible aspect of your website design. You can design your page with endless customization options using this amazing Gutenberg blocks plugin.


Now, any block can be saved with customized styling so that it can be reused in other posts or pages. This boosts efficiency, so you do not have to recreate the same block styling repeatedly on all pages or posts.


No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website. Optimized for super fast loading and instant live editing.


EEnable and disable individual blocks to make your page load faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary blocks to keep the site lightweight.


Keep your website’s loading speed fast and secure against heavy scripts and CSS files with the Asset Regeneration feature.


Choose any Google Font you prefer from a collection of 1,000+ font families available using Essential Blocks. Now, you can give your websites a customized look with stunning typographies.


Directly from your Gutenberg block editor, you can control each block’s responsiveness individually. With flexible, responsive customization options, make your website user-friendly for all devices.


With our latest exclusive feature, animation, you can design every block with a stunning animated appearance. Grab users’ attention instantly with eye-catching animations, transitions, and many more.


Enhance the flexibility and customization options of your Guteneberg-built website and easily add custom fields to posts, pages, or custom post types with dynamic placeholders or variables generated from various parameters or data sources.


Get stunningly designed, ready-to-use block patterns for your WordPress website. Instantly add a block layout to Gutenberg or your site editor to make your website-building experience faster and more effective.


Explore and get access to 2,000+ ready Gutenberg templates from Templately that were created using the default block editor and Essential Blocks. You can easily customize the fully responsive templates just the way you want, upload the designs to the Templately cloud solution to use again later, and collaborate with your team with ease.

You will find a wide variety of stunning Gutenberg website or web page templates in any niche:
– Blog & Magazine
– Celebration
– Creative
– eCommerce
– Education
– Entertainment
– Fashion & Lifestyle
– Food & Restaurant
– Health & Medical
– Multipurpose
– NFT & CryptoCurrency
– Non-profit
– Portfolio & Consultancy
– Technology
– Travel… and many more.


We have a very friendly support team ready to help you out. Ask your questions in the support forum, we will get back to you immediately.


Design without limits in WordPress block editor, using 50+ of the most useful Essential Blocks for Gutenberg.

  • Accordion – Add beautiful accordions in your pages, posts, anywhere & reduce scrolling
  • Button – Quickly add modern buttons with hover effect in your post or page
  • Call To Action – Design call-to-action buttons quicker than a blink
  • Countdown – Include a countdown timer to boost your click-through rates
  • Flipbox – Use animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content inside your page in a great way
  • Infobox – Design a beautiful info box from predefined styles
  • Notice – Inform your users with specific Notice information and let them stay well aware of what’s important
  • Pricing Table – Create Pricing Tables within minutes that convert
  • Social Icons – Let them share your content with different social media platforms
  • Team Member – Feature your team members with a few clicks
  • Testimonial – Showcase what others said about your brand & Increase Your Credibility
  • Progress Bar – Display how far the specific task or still is in the process
  • Interactive Promo – Showcase your content heading in an amazing way
  • Image Comparison – Let your viewers compare two images interactively
  • Wrapper – Place any block within the wrapper and style the wrapper
  • Instagram Feed – Display your Instagram posts beautifully
  • Image Gallery – Show your image gallery with a beautiful grid and lightbox
  • Advanced Heading – Advanced Heading block with lots of customization options
  • Dual Button – Show dual button with nice text or icon separator
  • Parallax Slider – Create a fancy slider to showcase your team or any image gallery
  • Typing Text – Design your page using Typing text with an eye-catching typing effect
  • Toggle Content – Switch content or blocks with a beautiful switcher
  • Number Counter – Put the spotlight on important statistics to attract visitors
  • Row – Create complex Row layouts with plenty of styling controls & responsive options
  • Post grid – Create a stunning and interactive visualization for your blogs in a grid layout with Post Grid block
  • Table of Contents – Insert Table of Contents (TOC) on your posts/pages and enhance user experience on your WordPress website
  • Feature List – Display information interactively with the feature list
  • Slider – Display all your beautiful images in the slider with motion effects and dazzle your audiences
  • Advanced Tab – Display nested tabs to display key information on an instance in an interactive manner
  • Fluent Forms – Design your Forms container and fields and choose your preferred form layout to style Fluent Forms
  • Advanced Image – Customize images in Gutenberg to fit your exact needs
  • WPForms – Design stunning WPForms in minutes with plenty of controls & styling options
  • Woo Product Grid – Display WooCommerce products with stunning layouts, buttons, tags, ratings, and more
  • Post Carousel – Showcase your posts creatively with an animated, dynamic carousel
  • Advanced Video – Add extra styling and unique customization to your videos and amaze site visitors
  • Advanced Navigation – Display pages & posts with easy navigation on your website with a stunning & organized appearance
  • Popup – Showcase your videos, images, or other content with popup & trigger actions
  • NFT Gallery – Display your NFT items & collections in a stunning gallery view without any coding
  • Social Share – Share your posts & pages instantly on popular social platforms in one click from your website
  • Openverse – Easily search & use royalty free images, stock photos, etc CC-licensed images from Openverse for your website
  • Google Maps – Present a fully responsive map on your website with your preferred configurations, styles, etc.
  • Shape Divider – Make your website designs stand out by showcasing different sections with stunning shape dividers
  • Form – Create responsive forms of any type – contact forms, RSVP forms, or subscription forms – in Gutenberg and manage easily them from your WordPress dashboard
  • Timeline Slider (PRO) – Showcase your posts & pages in an attractive timeline slider and design with stunning presets & styling options
  • Advanced Search (PRO) – Let visitors find any content on your website easily with a customizable, dynamic search bar
  • Data Table (PRO) – Insert an advanced data table on your website without any code and display information in an eye-catching way
  • Woo Product Carousel (PRO) – Display your WooCommerce products with dynamic Product Carousels and designs using limitless styling options
  • News Ticker (PRO) – Show the latest news or highlights on your website with a dynamic ticker in an engaging way that instantly drives attention
  • Fancy Chart (PRO) – Design visually stunning & interactive charts to bring life to dull datasets
  • Multicolumn Pricing Table (PRO) – Use a variety of layouts to impact your customers to choose the pricing best plan by showcasing comparison table by mentioning features, displaying icons, and so on

More blocks and demos coming soon (weekly update)



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This plugin provides 52 blocks.

  • Social Icons Add icon links to your social media profiles and grow your audience with animated social icons
  • Countdown Highlight upcoming events with countdown timer
  • Advanced Image Customise images in Gutenberg to fit your exact needs.
  • Select Field Form Block Select Field
  • Pricing Table The pricing table block will let you create an effective product pricing table with perfect styling to get more sales from your prospective buyers.
  • Testimonial Display testimonials & gain instant credibility
  • Post Grid Create a stunning and interactive visualization for your blogs in a grid layout
  • Number Field Form Block Number Field
  • Woo Product Grid Display WooCommerce products in a stunning, organized layout & help customers with EB Woo Product Grid.
  • Team Members Present your team members beautifully & gain instant credibility
  • Progress Bar Make your website interactive with stunning progress bars.
  • Form Create Beautiful and Professional Contact, Subscription or any other custom Forms easily with a few clicks.
  • Google Maps Display locations from Google Maps seamlessly and style how they look to match your site design.
  • Openverse Easily search & use royalty free images, stock photos, CC-licensed images from Openverse for your website
  • Image Gallery Impress your audience with high-resolution images
  • Accordion Display your FAQs & improve user experience with Accordion/Toggle block
  • Icon Picker Icon Picker Block lets you choose any Font Awesome icon to customize your design as per your preference.
  • Dual Button Create two buttons to be stacked together
  • Advanced Navigation Display pages & posts with easy navigation in your website with stunning & organised appearance.
  • Post Carousel Showcase your posts & blogs in a stylish way on your website and make it more engaging
  • Radio Field Form Block Radio Field
  • Slider Display multiple images and content in beautiful slider & reduce page scroll
  • Interactive Promo EB Interactive Promo lets you decorate your website outlook with its amazing Promo effects
  • Feature List Make your website interactive with feature list.
  • Textarea Field Form Block Textarea Field
  • Number Counter Put spotlight in important data using Counter block for Gutenberg. Customize the designs by adding proper Animation effects with flexibility and many more!
  • Call To Action Call to action lets you create an interactive CTA for the website to draw visitor's attention on the spot.
  • Instagram Feed Showcase instagram posts for your web visitors.
  • Table Of Contents Insert Table of Contents on your posts/pages and enhance user experience on your WordPress website
  • Image Comparison Let the visitors compare images & make your website interactive.
  • Parallax Slider Create a captivating visual experience & impress your audience
  • Button Create a stunning button through the button block. You can make it look outstanding by adding exclusive button styles & effects and add links to redirect your visitors to a specific page.
  • Notice Put spotlight on news, announcements & let the visitors find it easily
  • Fluent Forms Design your Forms container, fields and choose preferred form layout to style Fluent Forms
  • Text Field Form Block Text Field
  • Flipbox Deliver your content beautifully to grab site visitor's attention.
  • Advanced Heading Create advanced heading with title, subtitle and separator controls
  • WPForms Design stunning WPForms in minutes with plenty of controls & styling options
  • NFT Gallery Display your NFT items & collections in a stunning gallery view without any coding
  • Checkbox Field Form Block Checkbox Field
  • Wrapper This is a wrapper block for other blocks within it.
  • Infobox Deliver your content beautifully to grab attention with an animated Infobox block.
  • Shape Divider Make your website designs stand out by showcasing different sections with stunning shape dividers
  • Toggle Content Toggle Contents or blocks with a beautiful switcher.
  • Advanced Tabs Display nested tabs to display key information on an instance in an interactive manner.
  • Row Create complex Row layouts with plenty of styling controls & responsive options
  • Social Share Share your posts & pages instantly on popular social platforms in one click from your website.
  • Typing Text Make your website interactive with typing text animation.
  • Popup Showcase your videos, images or other content with popup & trigger actions.
  • Advanced Video Portray any attractive video content on your website and grow engagement
  • Email Field Form Block Text Field
  • Price Price Block lets you add both the regular price and a discounted price for your pricing package.


Note: Since Essential Blocks is a Gutenberg library, you must activate Gutenberg editor to use it.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for Essential Blocks for Gutenberg. Then simply click on the Install Now button.
  2. Now click on Activate button to activate the plugin.
  3. That’s it. You can access all blocks easily from Gutenberg editor.


  1. You can download the plugin by clicking the Download button from Essential Blocks for Gutenberg
  2. Then go to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New and click on the Upload Plugin.
  3. The plugin will be instantly installed & activated on your website.
    For more detailed instructions, visit Essential Blocks Installation Guideline. Also, check out a quick video tutorial from Essential Blocks YouTube.


How to insert blocks of Essential Blocks in your page or post?

Install and activate Essential Blocks for Gutenberg on your website. Create a new page and click the ‘+’ sign, and you will find all the creative Gutenberg blocks there. Now click on the block you want to insert in your page and create amazing pages.

How to save a block as a reusable block?

You can save any block from Essential Blocks for Gutenberg as a reusable block easily. Click on any block you want to save as reusable, then click on the ‘Add to reusable blocks,’ and instantly, that block will be converted into a reusable block.

What themes do Essential Blocks For Gutenberg support?

Essential Blocks for Gutenberg has no theme dependency. This Gutenberg blocks plugin is compatible with any updated WordPress theme.

Will Essential Blocks slow down my website speed?

No, Essential Blocks will not slow down your website. This Gutenberg blocks plugin brings you the outstanding facility of complete modular control over the activation of each individual block. We have also used optimized codes for this plugin which helps to load only the resources that are currently used.

I do not know how to code. Can I still use Essential Blocks?

Yes, you can still use Essential Blocks. These Gutenberg blocks are created in such a way that you can use them and customize them without code.

What other page builders can I use with this plugin?

You can only use Essential Blocks with the Gutenberg editor. It does not support any other website builder or editor.

Is Essential Blocks Responsive for Smaller Devices?

Also, the Gutenberg blocks available with Essential Blocks plugin are 100% responsive and have cross-browser compatibility. So it is responsive on smaller devices as well.

What is the best way to check for plugin conflicts on my website?

Uninstall all plugins on your website except Essential Blocks for Gutenberg. Then check if any conflict is still occurring or not. If you encounter conflicts, then contact our support team.

How to apply custom CSS to my blocks?

If you want to apply custom CSS with Essential Blocks for Gutenberg, then click on the specific block you want to add CSS code to. Then navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab and add your custom CSS code. You have to create a class first and then add your custom CSS.

How can I get ready templates for Essential Blocks?

If you want to skip customizing each essential block on your own, you can use ready templates to create stunning blocks. You will receive access to elegant and sleek, ready templates for Essential Blocks and Gutenberg with the Templately plugin.

Can I get ready Gutenberg patterns from Essential Blocks?

Yes, Essential Blocks provides you with a ready, professionally designed Gutenberg pattern.

Does Essential Blocks has any plugin dependency?

You only need the Gutenberg block editor to use Essential Blocks plugin on your WordPress website. Then you can use Essential Blocks and create stunning pages.

Does Essential Blocks provide any WooCommerce blocks for Gutenberg?

Yes, you can effortlessly display your WooCommerce products on your store website using Woo Product Grid Block from Essential Blocks. More blocks are coming soon.

What should I do to use an earlier version of Essential Blocks?

If you found the recent version of Essential Blocks isn’t working or conflicting with other plugins, then you can use earlier versions of the plugin.


Septembro 14, 2023
The quality of plugin is good and when I encounter an error, I can easily contact the support team and they escort it to the dev team quickly to nail down the error. And quick create a patch for it.
Septembro 8, 2023
FLORENCE is very very helpful, she solved my problem exceptionally fast!!!
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= 4.3.1 – 27/09/2023
– Fixed: Form Block database creation issue fix
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.3.0 – 27/09/2023
– Added: New Block Form Block
– Fixed: Overlay issue in Toggle Content block
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.2.6 – 18/09/2023
– Improved: Security Enhancement
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.2.5 – 11/09/2023
– Fixed: Post Grid and Post Carousel Tags are visible on the top of the carousel
– Improved: Add image size control in Advanced Image Block

= 4.2.4 – 10/09/2023
– Fixed: Post Grid pagination doesn’t update on adding new post
– Fixed: Advanced Tab block content not showing on tab click
– Fixed: Toggle Content block content not showing on toggle

= 4.2.3 – 07/09/2023
– Added: “H” tag select control in Number Counter Block
– Added: Custom Id support in Advanced Tab Block
– Fixed: Fluent Forms Block style not loading in Editor
– Fixed: Post Carousel Block conflict issue fix with LearnDash
– Fixed: Initial loading issue in Image Slider Block
– Improved: Security Enhancement
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.2.2 – 30/08/2023
– Fixed: Advanced Navigation error in Widget Area
– Improved: Security Enhancement
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.2.1 – 29/08/2023
– Improved: Security Enhancement
– Minor Bug fixes & improvements

= 4.2.0 – 20/08/2023
– Fixed: Post Grid Pagination conflict with Filter
– Fixed: Woo Product Grid Add to Cart button issue fix
– Fixed: Table of Content shows multiple after 4.1.6 update issue fix
– Other bug fixes & improvements

= 4.1.6 – 09/08/2023
– Added: Table of Content block FSE support and more controls
– Fixed: Slider block conflict with animation
– Other bug fixes & improvements

= 4.1.5 – 17/07/2023
– Added: Advanced Image block image size option
– Added: Social Share block Open in New Tab option
– Fixed: Advanced Tab block active color not changing
– Fixed: Post Grid block responsive issue conflict with Animation

= 4.1.4 – 05/07/2023
– Fixed: Image Gallery image alt tag missing
– Fixed: Infobox image alt tag not changing
– Fixed: Adding font group in font-family css
– Minor bug fixes & improvements

= 4.1.3 – 25/06/2023
– Schedule update with minor bug fixes & improvements

= 4.1.2 – 19/06/2023
– Fixed: Shape divider block issue fixes
– Fixed: Team Member block render error
– Fixed: Progress Bar block default render error
– Fixed: Countdown block preset changing not working properly
– Fixed: Advanced Video block console error
– Fixed: Instagram Feed block error

= 4.1.1 – 05/06/2023
– Added: Nofollow Option added in Button Block
– Added: Meta prefix change control in Post Grid & Post Carousel block
– Fixed: Delete Columns Block throwing Error
– Fixed: Popular Templates not loading
– Fixed: Advanced Video Block Validation error remove
– Fixed: Block Widgets throwing PHP notice

= 4.1.0 – 31/05/2023
– Added: New Block EB Shape Divider
– Added: New Presets for EB Post Grid & EB Countdown
– Fixed: Font Awesome icons not loading in FSE
– Improved: Dynamic Query for all the Dynamic Blocks
– Fixed: Time of Read text not being Translatable in EB Post Grid
– Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= 4.0.8 – 18/04/2023
– Fixed: Security update & bugfix

= 4.0.7 – 17/04/2023
– Fixed: Count Down block’s error in style tab
– Fixed: Flipbox block’s richtext invalid html tag issue
– Fixed: Assets generation issue
– Fixed: Advanced Navigation block’s undefined js error

= 4.0.6 – 10/04/2023
– Added: Alignment option for Advanced Video block
– Fixed: Feature List block’s image upload issue
– Fixed: Style generation issue in nested reusable block
– Improved: Line break options in Flipbox block

4.0.5 – 29/03/2023

  • Added: Richtext support in Slider block
  • Fixed: Table of Content block error fix
  • Fixed: Post Grid api response error fix

4.0.4 – 20/03/2023

  • Added: Custom Filters in Post Grid and Post Carrousel block
  • Fixed: Post Grid include and exclude query issue
  • Fixed: Advanced Navigation link not working in mobile
  • Fixed: Team Member block Image Alt tag and Social links label missing issue

4.0.3 – 13/03/2023

  • Added: Table of Content link copy button
  • Fixed: Post Grid thumbnail border overlay issue
  • Fixed: Post Grid editor error on custom post type issue
  • Fixed: Slider Block css not loading in frontend

4.0.2 – 01/03/2023

  • Fixed: Font Loader issue fix
  • Fixed: Conflict with Essential Addons
  • Improved: Page load time improved

4.0.1 – 27/02/2023

  • Added: Avatar link option in Team Member Block
  • Added: Alt text in Slider Block
  • Fixed: FSE css loading issue
  • Fixed: Woo Product Grid does not show rating on frontend

4.0.0 – 09/02/2023

  • Added: New Block Google Maps
  • Added: Block Defaults control added
  • Added: New Admin Dashboard
  • Added: Asset Regeneration control
  • Added: Optimization control
  • Added: Templately Integration
  • Fixed: CSS loading issue with Generate press
  • Fixed: Post Grid & Post Carousel block editor error
  • Improved: Optimization and Load time

3.8.7 – 31/01/2023

  • Fixed: Style not loading in FSE templates if no posts in query loop
  • Added: Update message for Plugin new version
  • Fixed: Security update & bugfix

3.8.6 – 09/01/2023

  • Added: Justify Alignment control in Advanced Heading Block
  • Fixed: Flipbox block height range update
  • Fixed: Security update & bugfix

3.8.5 – 26/12/2022

  • Added: Table of Content block support All Heading blocks
  • Fixed: Table of Content block doesn’t work inside wrapper/group block
  • Added: Heading exclude option in Table of Content block
  • Added: Wrapper block support HTML Anchor
  • Fixed: Image Gallery masonry layout conflict with filter
  • Fixed: Image Gallery conflict with default themes
  • Fixed: Advanced Navigation one page active menu highlighter issue
  • Fixed: NFT Gallery block wrapper border and button border radious issue
  • Fixed: Essential Blocks Blank Template responsive issue

3.8.4 – 18/12/2022

  • Fixed: Deactivation popup design issue fix
  • Improved: Code Structure and fixed minor issues

3.8.3 – 08/12/2022

  • Added: Auto exclude current post in Post Grid and Post Carousel block
  • Fixed: Post Grid pagination issue fix
  • Fixed: Product Grid pagination issue fix
  • Fixed: Accordion Block height issue
  • Fixed: Row/Column block column number change not working issue
  • Fixed: Featured List block inline style connector style issue

3.8.2 – 24/11/2022

  • Fixed: PHP compatibility issue with 7.2 or lower
  • Fixed: multiple countdown block initiate issue

3.8.1 – 22/11/2022

  • Added: Custom Post Type support in Post Grid and Post Carousel Block
  • Added: Category/Taxonomy Filter support in Post Grid Block
  • Added: Category Filter support in Image Gallery Block
  • Added: Pagination support in Woo Product Grid Block
  • Added: Prev-Next pagination, show Read Time support in Post Grid Block
  • Fixed: Accordion Block inside Accordion Block issue fix
  • Fixed: Advanced Navigation block 6.1 compatibility issue fix
  • Fixed: Alt tag support in Featured List Block image
  • Fixed: Instagram Feed Block column issue
  • Fixed: Team Member Block social links issue

3.8.0 – 01/11/2022

  • Added: New Block Openverse
  • Added: New Block Social Share
  • Added: Auto repeater feature in Countdown Block
  • Added: Text formatting option in Flipbox
  • Fixed: Duplicate issue in Featured List
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with WordPress 6.1

3.7.2 – 17/10/2022

  • Added: Add indivisual color option for Accordion Toggle items
  • Added: Popup Block cookie set option for auto loading
  • Added: Popup Block auto exit with delay option
  • Fixed: Margin, hover color, hover shadow conflict issue in Row/Column Block
  • Fixed: Dual Button connector alignment issue fix
  • Fixed: Advanced Navigation color conflict in dropdown items fixed
  • Fixed: Slider Block content change issue fix
  • Improved: CSS Editor improved

3.7.1 – 04/10/2022

  • Fixed: Advanced Navigation block not showing issue
  • Fixed: Popup block not showing issue

3.7.0 – 02/10/2022

  • Added: New Block NFT Gallery
  • Improved: Code Structure and fixed minor issues

3.6.3 – 25/09/2022

  • Fixed: PHP error fix on plugin update

3.6.2 – 22/09/2022

  • Fixed: Advanced Image Responsive column issue fix

3.6.1 – 22/09/2022

3.6.0 – 01/09/2022

  • Added: New block Advanced navigation
  • Added: New block Popup
  • Added: Title tag option for Accordion Block

3.5.5 – 22/08/2022

  • Fixed: Featured list Connector Issue with Alignment
  • Fixed: TOC Heading issue with wrapper border radius
  • Fixed: Advanced Video attempt recovery issue

3.5.4 – 11/08/2022

  • Added: Featured list Connector Option
  • Fixed: Controls responsive button not aligned with editor responsive mode

3.5.3 – 01/08/2022

  • Added: Block support in Widget
  • Fixed: Row/Column block duplicate issue and alignment issue fix
  • Fixed: Reusable block in FSE style generation Issue

3.5.2 – 21/07/2022

  • Added: Add/Remove/Duplicate columns in Row/Column block
  • Added: Custom ordering in Row/Column block
  • Fixed: Responsive gap issues in Row/Column block
  • Fixed: Feature list not working since 3.5.1
  • Fixed: Image Gallery lightbox not loading external images
  • Fixed: Image Gallery Masonary design issue with Twenty Twenty Two theme

3.5.1 – 07/07/2022

  • Fixed: Trailing comma from patterns api call
  • Fixed: Replaced server query_string with request_uri
  • Fixed: Open in new tab not working in Feature list block

3.5.0 – 06/07/2022

  • Added: New block Advanced Video
  • Added: New block Post Carousel
  • Added: Link option for image slider in slider block
  • Added: Title hover color, Content section background, border & shadow, Padding option on feature list block
  • Added: Open in new tab option for social block, team member block, call to action block
  • Fixed: Image captions not syncing for the new image in slider block
  • Fixed: few issues on Woo Product Grid
  • Fixed: Wrapper block width issue for inner wrapper

3.4.0 – 15/06/2022

  • Added: New block Woo Product Grid
  • Added: Show patterns from Templately
  • Improved: Converted style-handler to php for working perfectly with Reusable blocks and FSE
  • Improved: Pricing table block with new options and preset
  • Improved: Dual button block with open new tab option and fixed gradient background issue
  • Fixed: Page Template not working with block base theme
  • Fixed: Top menu incompatibility with ContentBerg theme issue
  • Fixed: Title word length is not working in editor
  • Fixed: Advanced Heading separator icon position issue

3.3.3 – 25/04/2022

  • Added: Reset button on accordion block for toggle speed
  • Added: Offset top option for Table of Content block
  • Added: Fullwidth and Blank post and page template
  • Added: Image caption when upload images on slider block
  • Improved: Number of images shown on slider block

3.3.2 – 25/04/2022

  • Fixed: Block deprecation issues
  • Fixed: Blocks not showing in mobile & tab in Editor when use Animation
  • Fixed: Table of Content Sticky mode conflict with Animation
  • Fixed: Conflict with Gutenberg plugin

3.3.1 – 17/04/2022

  • Added: Animation for all blocks
  • Added: Responsive Block Show/Hide option
  • Added: Custom CSS for all blcoks
  • Added: Subheading Tag section option in Advanced Heading Block
  • Added: Spacing control and link open control in Flipbox Block
  • Fixed: Slider Block custom height issue
  • Fixed: Advanced Image Blocks issues
  • Fixed: Fluentform placeholder color issue
  • Fixed: Post Grid block pagination issue
  • Fixed: Parallax Slider block gap issue

3.3.0 – 21/03/2022

  • Added: New Blocks: Advanced Image, WPForms Integration
  • Improved: Google Font Library Updated
  • Added: Added new controls in Button block and Improved design
  • Added: Buttons Width “auto” control in Dual Button Block
  • Added: Default expand control for Accordion Toggle Block
  • Added: Hide Features content option in Pricing Table block
  • Fixed: Duplicate Blocks Copied the previous blocks content in Pricing Table block
  • Fixed: Default background issue in Countdown block normal background mode
  • Fixed: Improved Fluent Form block design and controls
  • Fixed: Table of Content Heading starts with digit not working issue

3.2.4 – 01/03/2022

  • Fixed: Issues with row/column block breaking in frontend
  • Fixed: Advanced Tab show all tab contents in editor issue

3.2.3 – 27/02/2022

  • Fixed: Issues with controls not found

3.2.2 – 27/02/2022

  • Added: Remove Icon option in Featured List
  • Added: Post Grid Container Shadow Option
  • Fixed: Post Grid Client Issue: Permalink Issue
  • Fixed: Row/Column Issue in WordPress 5.8 and column layout issue for responsive view
  • Fixed: Progress bar editor design issue
  • Fixed: Dual Button link issue
  • Fixed: Flipbox Unnecessary height on editor responsive mode issue
  • Fixed: Featured List title border and icon show/hide issue
  • Improved: Code Structure and fixed minor warnings

3.2.1 – 27/01/2022

3.2.0 – 26/01/2022

  • Added: New Block – Advanced Tab
  • Added: New 3rd party block integration – Fluent Forms
  • Added: Blocks support in Full Site Editing and WordPress@5.9
  • Added: ClassName support
  • Added: Button Alignment option in Infobox Block
  • Added: Pagination option in Post Grid Block
  • Added: Same height column option in Row/Column Block
  • Fixed: Title color issue, read more button background, padding issue, post link issue
  • Fixed: Title spacing issue in Progress bar
  • Fixed: Pricing Table Mobile and Tab css not working issue
  • Fixed: Columns background, border issue in Row/Column block
  • Fixed: Background color conflict issue Countdown Block

3.1.1 – 15/12/2021

  • Added: ApiVersion 2 enabled for all blocks
  • Fixed: Row/Column block error when disabling ‘full width’ option
  • Fixed: Textdomain issues
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary enqueue from image comparison

3.1.0 – 12/12/2021

  • Added: New Block – Featured List
  • Improved: Google Font Library updated with 1000+ free fonts
  • Improved: Optimized code to reduce plugin size
  • Fixed: Reset Button not reset to default issues
  • Fixed: Hover color issue, transition animation issue on overlay preset in Team Member Block
  • Fixed: Shadow cropped in Row/Column block issue
  • Added: LightBox on/off option in Image Gallery Block
  • Added: Icon/Image option, Alignment Option, New Layout added in Number Counter Block
  • Added: Options to control overlay contents for Preset 2 & 3 in Team Member Block

3.0.4 – 11/11/2021

  • Added: Table Of Content Block
  • Added: Toggle Content block responsive options for button height, width and heading space.
  • Added: Block supports (i.e. align: [“wide”, “full”]) for almost all blocks except Flipbox and advanced heading
  • Added: Overflow option for column block
  • Added: 2 More Preset Design in Post Grid Block
  • Added: Testimonial Block quote icon size, content position and spacing controls
  • Added: Button block transition effect control
  • Added: Dual Button gradiant background and transition control
  • Fixed: Block’s not being able to drag and drop inside the column
  • Fixed: Column’s width changing drag control improved
  • Fixed: Progress Bar Block bar fillup issue and text overlap issue with the circle
  • Improved: Row’s gap won’t reduce container’s max-width anymore

3.0.3 – 27/10/2021

  • Fixed: Parallax Slider, Advanced Heading, Image Gallery and Flipbox error resolved
  • Fixed: Row Block and Post Grid Block column responsive issue
  • Fixed: Deprecated Functions removed

3.0.2 – 26/10/2021

  • Added: New Block – Row/Columns Block
  • Added: New Block – Post Grid Block
  • Fixed: Infobox not saving title & description
  • Typo: “Team member” block title fixed

3.0.1 – 29/09/2021

  • Added: Option to make the whole infobox clickable
  • Added: 5 overlay styles in Gallery block overlay style
  • Added: Caption width and horizontal control in Gallery block
  • Improved: Edit page block performance by removing unnecessary calculations for styles for all blocks
  • Improved: Minify css by removing unnecessary css for all blocks
  • Improved: Image comparison block selection issue on edit page
  • Improved: Somme css in pricing table block
  • Fixed: PHP 5.6 compatibility issue
  • Fixed: Attempt Recovery issue in Gallery Block
  • Fixed: Some typos
  • Fixed: Responsive Range Controller unit changing to ‘%’ or ‘em’ from ‘px’ not changing value to 100 correctly if the value is more than 100.

3.0.0 – 20/09/2021

  • Revamped: Restructured code for better performance
  • Revamped: Inspector-panel redesigned
  • Improved: Dynamic asset generation instead of inline styles
  • Added: Responsive & interactive controls for all the blocks
  • Added: New Presets for most blocks
  • Added: Margin, Padding, Background & other controls for all the blocks
  • Improved: Slider Block | Added Vertical Slider, Custom Height & many more
  • Improved: Parallax Block | Custom Height, Advanced Typography & many more
  • Improved: Image Gallery | Added color overlay style
  • Improved: Instagram Block | Added Sorting, layout, show meta option
  • Improved: Call to Action Block | Added subtitle, sorting option, space, icons & many more
  • Improved: Instagram Feed Block | Added new layouts, API Limit, sorting, meta options & many more
  • Improved: Image Comparison Block | Rendering in frontend
  • Improved: Wrapper Block | Added Inner content, alignment controls & many more
  • Improved: Accordion Block | Added Hover option with transition effects & many more
  • Improved: Team Member Block | Added initial layout and improve the ‘Color’ controls
  • Fixed: Toggle Content Block | ‘Gradient-type’ changing back to ‘linear’
  • Fixed: Block editor dependency issues
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

2.4.4 – 25/08/2021

  • Added: Wrapper Alignment Option On Flipbox Block, Wrapper Block
  • Added: Dynamic asset generation instead of inline styles, Responsive controls with preview for Wrapper block, Image comparison and Gallery block
  • Added: Margin, padding, background and border option for content wrapper in wrapper block
  • Improved: Few controls and default Design on Flipbox block
  • Improved: Third party assets enqueue process

2.4.3 – 01/08/2021

  • Added: Dynamic asset generation instead of inline styles, Responsive controls with preview & design presets for Countdown block, Progress bar and Advanced heading block.
  • Added: Advanced and responsive typography option for Progress bar, Countdown and Advanced heading block.
  • Added: Scroll animation, stripe animation, alignment option for every section in Progress bar block.
  • Added: Alignment option for content, subtitle, Icon as separator in Advanced heading.
  • Added: Margin, padding, background and border option for content wrapper in Advanced heading, Countdown and Progress bar block.
  • Improved: Infobox, Notice, Number counter, Countdown, Progress Bar, Advanced heading updated with new inspector panel design and controls.
  • Improved: Font-style option added for typography control.
  • Improved: Some unnecessary css & js enqueues are removed & frontend assets optimised.

2.4.2 – 15/07/2021

  • Added: New design and convention for controls
  • Added: Fade style for Flipbox
  • Added: New preset for pricing table, Dual button
  • Improved: Dual Button, Pricing table, Typing text, Flipbox updated with new controls
  • Improved: Category register function modified
  • Improved: Modified few css enqueue files and enqueued editor css from admin asset file.
  • Fixed: Browser waring for sourcemaps.

2.4.1 – 30/06/2021

  • Fixed: Newly updated blocks (Notice block, Infobox block, Testimonial block, Typing text block, Number Counter Block) not working on safari browser.
  • Improved: Background, Margin-Padding, Border, Border-radius options of inspector panel improved.
  • Improved: Responsive Device Preview improved.
  • Improved: Dynamic css generation (instead of inline css) & responsive options implemented on flipbox block.
  • Improved: Typing text block, implemented new controls.
  • Fixed: Issue from Flipbox is flickering
  • Fixed: Issue with global style generate process

2.4.0 – 07/06/2021

  • Added: New Block – Number Counter Block
  • Added: Dynamic css generation for inline css
  • Improved: Notice block, Infobox block, Testimonial block, Typing text block. Added responsive options for those.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.3.0 – 27/01/2021

  • Revamped: UI Controls with new designs
  • Fixed: EB Accordion | Title alignment not working
  • Fixed: EB Testimonial & Call to Action | text wrapping not working
  • Fixed: EB Info Box | Shows duplicate copies when it was linked
  • Few minor bug fix and improvements

2.2.0 – 30/09/2020

  • New: Toggle Content block
  • Added: Typography controllers for related blocks
  • Added: Custom color controller
  • Fixed: Instagram Feed issue ( updated API version )
  • Improved: Loading block related frontend js files ( load only when block is enabled )

2.1.0 – 18/06/2020

  • New: Image Slider block
  • Fixed: Parallax Slider font change crash issue
  • Fixed: Team member image height/width change crash issue
  • Fixed: Infobox number change crash issue
  • Fixed: Dual Button link change crash issue
  • Fixed: Countdown border color change crash issue
  • Fixed: Instagram Feed frontend display issue
  • Fixed: Image Comparison handle bar dissapear issue
  • Fixed: Image Gallery masonry layout crash issue

2.0.2 – 18/05/2020

  • Fixed : Parallax Slider console error
  • Added : Global enable/disable block buttons
  • Fixed : Category display issue in re-usable block section
  • Fixed : Image Comparison loading issue

2.0.1 – 20/04/2020

  • Added : Missing text-domain for all blocks
  • Fixed : Conflicting stylesheet for admin

2.0.0 – 19/04/2020

  • Total revamp of the plugin with CLI

1.3.1 – 02/04/2020

  • Fixed : Dual button connector display issue
  • Fixed : Social icon display when selected
  • Improvement : Change acordion height on window resize
  • Improvement : Responsiveness for all blocks

1.3.0 – 23/03/2020

  • Added : Parallax Slider Element
  • Added : Block Preview for all blocks
  • Improvement : Replaced all deprecated methods
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

1.2.0 – 17/09/2019

  • Added : Row Element
  • Added : Instagram Feed
  • Added : Image Gallery
  • Added : Heading
  • Added : Dual Button
  • Improved : All blocks default styles
  • Improved : Refractored the plugin structure for better performance
  • Lots of minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.2 – 09/05/2019

  • Block meta data added
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

1.1.1 – 24/04/2019

  • New Block : Block Wrapper

1.1.0 – 08/04/2019

  • 7 New Blocks: Button , Call to Action, Image Comparison, Interactive Promo, Notice, Pricing Table and Progress Bar
  • Enhancement: Accordion, Infobox, Flipbox, Team Member, Testimonial, Social and Countdown
  • Enhancement: Options Panel added with Modular Controls and Community Links
  • Enhancement: Infobox: Added Background Image, Button Style, Border, Shadow and Spacing.
  • Flipbox: Added Alignment Toolbar, Gradient Color and Icon.
  • Enhancement: Default Style Improved
  • Enhancement: Updated to Font Awesome 5.8.1
  • Enhancement: Icon Picker Added
  • Enhancement: Unit Controller ( px/em/% ) Added
  • Enhancement: Dimensions Controller Added
  • Enhancement: Separated Frontend Files
  • Enhancement: Refactored Plugin Structure for improved performance

1.0.0 – 09/12/2018

Initial stable release