Lasta komenta kromprogrameto Plus


This plugin will enable a custom and advanced recent comments widget. Allows you to display a list of the most recent comments with avatar and excerpt, you can also choose which to show newer comments first or older comments first and choose comments from any post type.

Ecoj estas

  • Montro de avataro kun ŝanĝebla grandeco.
  • Montri eltiraĵon de komento kun elekto de longo.
  • Ekskludi resondadon k. respuradon
  • Opcio afiŝo-tipo.
  • Opcio deŝovi.
  • Opcio elekti ordigon de komentoj.
  • Permesas aldonon de titolo-URL.
  • Propra CSS-klaso.
  • Pluraj kromprogrametoj.

Support Me


  • Eligo de kromprogrameto
  • Ĝeneralaj agordoj
  • Komentaj agordoj
  • Avataraj agordoj
  • Eltiraĵaj agordoj


Per la administra panelo

  1. Ensalutu al via administra panelo de WordPress kaj iru al Kromprogramoj -> Aldoni novan
  2. Tajpu comments widget plus en la serĉbreton kaj alklaku la butonon.
  3. Trovu la kromprogramon Komenta kromprogrameto Plus.
  4. Alklaku Instali nun, poste aktivigu la kromprogramon.
  5. Iru al la paĝo de kromprogrametoj Aspekto -> Kromprogrametoj.
  6. Trovu la kromprogrameton Lastaj komentoj Plus.

Instalo per FTP

  1. Elŝutu la kromprogramon al via loka disko.
  2. Malpaku.
  3. Alŝutu la dosierujon comments-widget-plus al la dosierujo plugins.
  4. Ensalutu al via administra panelo de WordPress kaj alklaku la menuon Kromprogramoj.
  5. Poste, aktivigu la kromprogramon.
  6. Iru al la paĝo de kromprogrametoj Aspekto -> Kromprogrametoj.
  7. Trovu la kromprogrameton Lastaj komentoj Plus.


Kiel malebligi la defaŭltan stilon

Tiu ĉi kromprogramo aldonas etan CSS-kodon al via retejo, por forigi ĝin, aldonu la suban kodon en la functions.php de via etoso

add_filter( 'cwp_use_default_style', '__return_false' );
Widget does not update with last comments

If you use cache plugin, please try to clear the cache or re-save the widget.


Decembro 28, 2019
Great plugin, with a several options to help show recent comments on widget. Works well (no php notices, php errors, etc.).
Oktobro 20, 2019
this plugin is Excellent and has many useful options. i hope an option be added to be able to exclude some people's comments from widget. thanks
Septembro 28, 2019
Could use an option to limit how many characters should be shown in title. I have a lot of titles that are very long and it just looks weird. So for example if you could shorten "This is a very long title of a post that I made" to "This is a very..." Otherwise, it looks really good and works as intended.
Septembro 23, 2019
I was looking for a way to display latest comments on a widget easily and this plugin does exactly that. One suggestion that would increase its usefulness is to make it possible to choose the number of words that will appear for the title, just we choose the characters for the comment excerpt. Otherwise, good job!
Majo 26, 2019
We've been looking for hours for a plugin that would allow us to add a widget in our pages that would allow visitors to submit a review and a comment, something we feel would be very popular. All we could find were review plugins that would add a review to pages or posts, similar to core WordPress . For example, we have an entertainment page that reviews local entertainment with photos and video. We would love to be able to add the ability for people who were there to add a star rating and a comment. Ideally it would simply allow selecting up to a five-star rating, then a comment with an excerpt and "read more" if the comment was more detailed. Perfection would be allowing other users to rate the comments. The plugin would require registration with a name and email address or login to reduce SPAM, which would drive traffic to a site and grow the user base. No doubt many site developers would happily pay for a Pro version.
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1.0.8 – March 05, 2019

  • Support WordPress 5.1
  • Added: Default style to reset theme style