WP VR – 360 Panorama and virtual tour creator for WordPress


Create amazing virtual tours on your own easily using WPVR. Let visitors take a tour of your place remotely, and get them more excited.

With WPVR, you can create a virtual tour where visitors can navigate a 360 view of your location, switch between several scenes, get information on items on the location, zoom in and out to get a better view and get an overall idea about how your place may look in reality.

Simply provide a 360 panoramic image, and this plugin will transform it into a realistic tour.

WPVR is fully compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor and Elementor Page Builder.

Demo Virtual Tour (Pro) | Demo Tour (Free) | Documentation | Premium Version

Why Use WPVR?

WPVR gives all the features needed to create a quality virtual tour without any hassle.

Get several exclusive features, such as:

Simple interface optimized to create virtual tours easily 
Simple, easy, and straight forward options to add your 360 panoramic images and create a virtual tour.

You can also add an auto rotation effect, scene fade animation when transmitting between scenes and many more to create an attractive virtual tour.

Plus, it includes the feature to preview the tour at the back-end for proper inspection and tour creation.

Read detailed documentation and video tutorials for assistance.

Create an interactive realistic tour with multiple scenes
Add several scenes and add hotspots to connect them into a tour. Create multiple hotspots for every scene at your own will, to connect to different scenes and generate a realistic tour experience.

Gyrosope support for mobile devices on WPVR Pro.

Plus, hotspots can be used to provide information on click or hover, which will act as a guide to viewers.

Customize hotspots to create more attraction
WPVR comes with over 900+ custom icons to choose from, to use as hotspots. It features to change colors and add blinking animation to the custom icons to make the hotspots more catchy.

Also, WPVR allows you to add custom icons on your own using custom CSS. 

Get a reliable support team to help you out at all times.

Get more features for full control of the tour such as scene boundary control, zoom level control, default scene face, and many more.

Embed virtual tour without hassle
Once a tour is created, it will generate a tour ID which is used to embed the tour on the website either through Gutenberg block or Elementor widget.

The tour will also generate a shortcode. For classic editor or visual composer, use the shortcode to embed the tour. (Use the Raw HTML block on visual composer.)

Gutenberg Block Support
On Gutenberg block editor has the WPVR block under the common blocks. It is used to embed the virtual tour. Provide the tour ID and assign your desired width and height, and the tour will be embedded.

Elementor Widget Support
The Elementor page builder will have a WPVR widget under the general widgets. Drag and drop the widget onto the page. Provide the tour ID and set your required width and height to get a live preview.

For more control over creating a virtual tour, learn about the Premium version.


  • Gutenberg block support
  • Elementor widget support
  • Responsive default design
  • Preview tour on back-end
  • Add multiple scenes and hotspots
  • Auto rotation with speed control
  • Auto rotation pause and stop control
  • Keyboard direction keys or mouse to navigate
  • Keyboard +/- keys or mouse scroll to control zoom
  • Scene type hotspot to connect scenes
  • Info type hotspots to give information, on-click or hover
  • Embed video, image or website link to hotspots
  • On screen controls and full screen mode
  • Hotspot customization with custom CSS
  • Scene fade animation
  • Full width tour tag
  • 360 Video embed support
  • Radius tag for VR border radius
  • Support from support forum


  • All free features
  • Unlimited scenes and hotspots (limited to 5 in free version)
  • Gyroscope support on mobile devices
  • 900+ premium hotspot icons
  • Color picker for custom hotspot
  • Control max, min and default zoom level
  • Scene boundary control
  • Custom default scene face
  • Custom compass for panorama
  • Add scene title and description tag
  • File export and import (for WPVR only)
  • Duplicate tour on one click
  • Custom scene gallery
  • Personalized support (e-mail or forum)

Instructions to upgrade to pro

Upcoming Features
– Ground map
– Connect multiple tours
– Background music
– Advanced on-screen control button.



  • Demo view
  • Demo view
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1. Why should I use WPVR?

You can easily create a Virtual Tour for your place using WPVR. You simply need to provide a 360 degree panoramic photo, and this plugin will create a virtual tour which visitors can navigate easily. You can further add hotspots to include information or add more scenes to navigate to.

2. Installation

You can download the plugin either from wordpress.org or from rextheme.com. Once you have downloaded the file, you can then go to your dashboard, under plugin, select Add New and upload the file. Then Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, on the left side under your dashboard, you will find the option WPVR at the bottom.

3. What kind of pictures should I take to use in WPVR?

To make a perfect equirectangular image, you need to use a 360 degree panoramic photo of the area you want to preview.

4. Can I embed images and videos on hotspot?

Yes, you can include image source or video embed link on the section On Click Content in a hotspot, which will view the image or video when clicked on.

5. Can I Customize the Content on the hotspot?

Yes. You can create a custom class on your theme, stating whatever style you want. Then you can input the class name on the Hotspot Custom Class section in a hotspot, and the content displayed will be customized according to the style you set.

6. How can I embed a virtual tour using Gutenberg Block Editor??

Under common blocks, you will find a block called WPVR. Add WPVR block. Select the block and on the dynamic toolbar on the right, you will get the options to add ID, Height and Width. Collect the ID from the virtual tour you created. Assign height and width according to your convenience.

7. What do I do if I get “THE FILE (image link) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED” error?

Sometimes when you add a tour on your site, you might face this issue that rather than loading the tour it will give the error “THE FILE (…) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED.”

This error shows up when you are running a website under “HTTPS” (secured with SSL certificate) whereas your image link is under “HTTP” (unsecured).

To solve this issue, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. Here make sure you have “https” added to both “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)”. That’s it. Your virtual tour will load with no issues. 

8. How to activate Gyroscope on IOS devices?
  1. Go to Settings > Safari
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy & Security section
  3. Enable Motion & Orientation Access

That’s it. Now you can go to the browser and open the page with the virtual tour.

You will find the gyroscope icon at the top left side.

9. I Use Autoptimze plugin

If you use Autoptimize, then you need to exclue our plugin from their menification function.

Simply add “/plugins/wpvr” to exclusion field (or use the location where you store plugins)


Aŭgusto 20, 2019
thats what ive been looking for + very helpful support.
Julio 25, 2019
Had the basic plugin for a couple of weeks - I m an estate agent in France and I wanted something different for my website. I ve made a few mistakes as I ve gone along but got the hang of it now. Its very useful and a good plugin - Support is good - Had a few issues early on as there was a conflict with another plugin which I deleted. Also had to resize the photos so that they were ok on mobile phones - there s quite alot of work to get to the finish product but once I get the hang of it I ll probably go pro - Merits a 5 star rating to be honest
Junio 26, 2019
This plugin works really well for creating simple 360 tours and adding 360 video to your WordPress site. You have to watch the linking in the tours because it isn't completely obvious that the hotspots are nested under the images, but they are. Select the image, add a hotspot, then preview the image to select where you want the hotspot to be. If you read the instructions, (TL;DR 😉 ), it's all there. Looking forward to what the pro version has in it. Thanks guys!
Majo 30, 2019
These guys are real pro's! Any problem, and they will stick with it until it is fixed. Amazing support. I just love the plugin, and I just love where it is going, and all the great idea's they will be implementing. Can't wait! But I am already thrilled with what is there now, too. Keep up the good work, guys! Cheers, Marjoline
Majo 30, 2019
All good about WPVR and C S Sultan! They are willing to work hard to get it right for their customers! All we need now is the fisheye perspective! Thank you!!! best, Kevin Waite
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  • Hotspot custom icon support.
  • On screen control available.


  • Default scene can be selected from scene tab.
  • Default height and width given for shortcodes.


  • Gutenberg block support
  • Bug fix.


  • Save draft fixed.
  • Error handling fixed.
  • Video support added.
  • Slider revolution conflict fix.
  • Auto rotation
  • Rotation pause and stop control


  • Dynamic Font-Awesome icon added for hotspot.
  • Dynamic color picker added for hotspot color.
  • Custom panorama compass support.
  • Default zoom level.
  • Maximum and minimum zoom range.
  • Customize each scene’s default face on load.
  • Scene grab control and custom boundary for each scene.


  • Scene title and author tag support.
  • Elementor widget support.


  • Elementor widget support for free.
  • Mozilla Firefox bug fix.
  • CDN load fix.
  • Block input dropdown added.
  • Hotspot based scene face added.


  • Font-awesome icon load fix.
  • Plugin conflict fix.
  • Rextheme link removed from premium version.


  • Gyroscope support on premium version.
  • Appsero error fix.
  • Gutenberg block column layout fix.


  • Duplicate tour.
  • Blink animation automated.
  • Language issue fixed.


  • Post memory limit fix.


  • Dynamic error reporting added.


  • Tour selector updated on vr block.


  • File import & export system added.
  • Fullwidth tag added.
  • Placeholder color changed.


  • Custom scene gallery.
  • Border radius tag added.
  • Modified preview window.


  • Custom scene gallery conflict and bug fix for iphone and ipad.


  • Placeholder change.


  • Repeater delete confirmation fix.


  • Gallery carousal fix


  • Gallery carousal design fix
  • Css and js restricted