Loco Translate


Loco Translate provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files and integration with automatic translation services.

It also provides Gettext/localization tools for developers, such as extracting strings and generating templates.

Ecoj estas inkluzive de:

  • Enkonstruita traduka redaktilo ene de la administra panelo
  • Integration with translation APIs including DeepL, Google, Microsoft and Yandex
  • Vi povas krei kaj ĝisdatigi lingvajn dosierojn rekte en via etoso aŭ kromprogramo
  • Ekstrakto de tradukeblaj linioj de via fontkodo
  • Indiĝena kompilado de MO-dosieroj sen la bezono havi Gettext en via sistemo
  • Subteno de ecoj de PO inkluzive komentojn, referencojn kaj plurnombrajn strukturojn
  • PO-fontrigardo kun alklakeblaj referencoj al fontkodo
  • Protektita lingvo-dosierujo por konservo de propraj tradukoj
  • Configurable PO file backups with diff and restore capability
  • Venas kun lokaĵaj kodoj de WordPress

Official Loco WordPress plugin by Tim Whitlock.
For more information please visit our plugin page.


La PO-dosiera redaktilo subtenas la sekvajn fulmklavojn por pli rapida tradukado:

  • Finita kaj Sekva: Ctrl
  • Sekva linio: Ctrl ↓
  • Antaŭa linio: Ctrl ↑
  • Sekva tradukota: Shift Ctrl ↓
  • Antaŭa tradukota: Shift Ctrl ↑
  • Kopii de font-teksto: Ctrl B
  • Viŝi tradukon: Ctrl K
  • Baskuligi dubindajn: Ctrl U
  • Konservi PO / kompili MO: Ctrl S
  • Baskuligi nevideblajn: Shift Ctrl I
  • Suggest translation: Ctrl J

Mac users can use ⌘ Cmd instead of Ctrl.


  • Translating strings in the browser with the Loco PO Editor
  • Showing translation progress for theme language files
  • PO source view with text filter and clickable file references
  • Restore tab showing PO diff view with revert function
  • Showing access to translations by installed language
  • Suggestion feature showing results from several providers


Fundamenta uzado:

Tradukantoj: por traduki etoson al via lingvo, sekvu tiujn ĉi paŝojn:

  1. Kreu protektitan dosierujon por lingvoj ĉe wp-content/languages/loco/themes
  2. Certiĝu, ke tiu dosierujo estas modifebla de la interreta servilo
  3. Trovu la etoson en la listo ĉe Loco Translate > Etosoj
  4. Alklaku al + Nova lingvo kaj sekvu la invitojn sur la ekrano.

Programistoj: por traduki vian etoson aŭ kromprogramon por disdoni, sekvu tiujn ĉi paŝojn:

  1. Kreu subdosierujon languages en la radika dosierujo de via pakaĵo
  2. Certiĝu, ke tiu dosierujo estas modifebla de la interreta servilo
  3. Trovu la pakaĵon ĉe aŭ Loco Translate > EtosojLoco Translate > Kromprogramoj
  4. Alklaku + Krei modelon kaj sekvu la invitojn ĉe la ekrano por ekstrakti viajn liniojn.
  5. Alklaku al + Nova lingvo kaj sekvu la invitojn sur la ekrano por aldoni viajn tradukojn.

Installing manually:

  1. Unzip all files to the wp-content/plugins/loco-translate directory
  2. Log into WordPress admin and activate the ‘Loco Translate’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. Go to Loco Translate > Home in the left-hand menu to start translating

More information on using the plugin is available here.


Please visit the FAQs page on our website for the most common issues.

How do I use Loco Translate?

Try our Guides and Tutorials.

How do I get more help?

If you have a problem using Loco Translate, please try our help pages.
There’s a lot of information there to help you understand how it works and the most common pitfalls to avoid.

To report a bug please start a new topic in the support forum,
but please check the FAQs for similar issues first.
If you decide to submit a bug report please post enough relevant detail for us to reproduce your issue.

Is my data protected?

We don’t collect your data or snoop on you. See the plugin privacy notice.


Septembro 21, 2020
I see not anything in New Language Loco Translate Version 2.4.3
Septembro 17, 2020
Хочу поблагодарить разработчика, с этим плагином быстро можно перевести тему если есть api ключи для переводчиков. В ручную можно перевести, но долго ) Удобный поиск по фразам.
Aŭgusto 19, 2020
After reading the docs and beginner manual (30 min.), and without a doubt with the excellent support from Tim to help solve an issue which wasnt even caused by the plugin, Im getting edits and translations done faster than I thought I would. There`s a reason that of of today, 323 out of 333 reviews are 4~5 stars. The only thing I would suggest is maybe add 2~3 How To videos in the support docs. Some of the terminology in the explanations isn`t geared for non-techy users. Thank you. Very much appreciated.
Aŭgusto 11, 2020
Потребовалось некоторое время понять как работает плагин, я обычно все делаю по старинке и ручками, загружаю все в директорию сайта. А тут все автоматом, все на живую! Сразу! Без возни с файлами! Вии-и-и-и! Я в восторге! Боже это восхитительный плагин! Спасибо!
Aŭgusto 1, 2020
Super easy for translation. Give a medal for this developer for outstanding plugin.
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Kontribuantoj k. programistoj

“Loco Translate” estas liberkoda programo. La sekvaj homoj kontribuis al la kromprogramo.


“Loco Translate” has been translated into 28 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Traduki “Loco Translate” en vian lingvon.

Ĉu interesita en programado?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Improved fix for default syncing of msgstr fields
  • Reverted accidental removal of js debug flag
  • Minor fixes to API error messages
  • Removed use of jQuery.browser
  • Bugfix for new preferences in usermeta


  • Added loco_file_written hook
  • Improved script tampering warning
  • Added keypress for selecting auto-suggestion
  • Sync no longer copies msgstr fields by default
  • Style tweaks for WordPress 5.5


  • Fixed mapping of some API languages
  • Added locale filter to user preferences
  • Added debugging for credential form failures
  • Fixed deprecated use of array_key_exists
  • Added DeepL API service provider
  • Improved script tampering detection
  • Bumped WordPress version to 5.5
  • Added “modern” skin styles


  • Added support for third party translation APIs
  • Added file references to editor source pane in code view
  • Added fuzzy matching during editor Sync operation
  • Style changes including rearrangement of editor buttons
  • Elevated warnings when scripts are tampered with
  • Removed remnants of legacy version 1.x


  • Updated translatable strings
  • Added missing template recommendation
  • Alerting in debug mode when scripts are tampered with
  • Fix for Hello Dolly being installed into a folder
  • Removed translation column in POT edit mode
  • Added setting to prevent ‘translating’ of POT files
  • Enabled some linkable translations using wp_kses
  • Bumped WordPress version to 5.4.1


  • Fixed fatal error when class not found


  • Removed login/email from default Last-Translator credit
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.4
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 deprecations


  • Default POT getter now looks in “lang” directory
  • Not calling deprecated magic quotes functions under PHP 7.4
  • Fixed issue with conflicting page hooks
  • Ajax file uploads now enabled by default
  • Removed legacy option migrations from 1.x branch
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.2.4


  • Added experimental support for multipart uploads
  • Added relocation tab for moving translation sets
  • Creation of missing directories when writing new files
  • Fixed duplicate file addition when iterating over symlink
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.2.1


  • Security fixes for reading sensitive files
  • Fixed old PHP version error in data files
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.1.1


  • Fixed bug where plural tabs not displaying RTL
  • Various improvements to PO parser incl. better charset handling
  • Excluding node_modules and vendor directories by default
  • Transients now have maximum lifespan of 10 days, refreshed after 24h
  • Symlink fix for followed theme paths detected outside theme
  • Deprecated config repository lookup
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.1


  • Fix for empty language code when getting plural rules
  • Added X-Loco-Version header to generated Gettext files
  • Added sanity check for mbstring.func_overload madness
  • Added “Assign template” link on missing template page
  • Added JavaScript string extraction (experimental)
  • Editor supports sprintf-js when javascript-format tag present
  • Fix for duplicate comments when end punctuation differs
  • Marking msgctxt more clearly in editor views
  • Added loco_admin_shutdown action hook
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.0 (beta)


  • Updated locale data
  • Minor fix to file reference resolution
  • Fixed windows paths with trailing backslash
  • Fixed ssh-keys toggling issue
  • Rejigged buffer handling during Ajax
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.8


  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.6
  • Hooked in privacy policy suggestion


  • Added loco_locale_name filter and updated locale data
  • Fixed editor column sorting to update as values change
  • Supporting RTL text in editor preview rows
  • Minor refactor of debug mode routing check
  • Minor PO parser improvements
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.5


  • Fixed undeclared property in admin hook
  • Fixed incompatibility with older WordPress
  • Fixed incorrect millisecond reporting in footer
  • Removed locale progress column for en_US locale
  • Tweaks to debugging and error logging


  • Setting Project-Id-Version on new POT files
  • Added source view to quick links in file tables
  • Supporting only WordPress style locale codes
  • Editor screen tolerates missing PO headers
  • Ajax debugging improvements for issue reporting
  • Added loco_parse_locale action callback


  • Add fs_protect setting to avoid overwriting system files
  • Fixed bug in connect dialogue where errors not redisplayed
  • Minor improvements to inline notices
  • Removed downgrade notice under version tab
  • Fixed extraction bug where file header confused with comment
  • Resolved some inconsistencies between PHP and JS utilities
  • Added Restore tab with diff display
  • Added loco_settings hook
  • Prevented editor from changing PO document order
  • Added default string sorting to extracted strings
  • Added “Languages” section for grouping files by locale
  • Fixed bug where translations loaded before user profile language set
  • Added loco_locale_plurals filter for customising plural rules
  • Allowing PO files to enforce their own Plural-Forms rules
  • Added loco_allow_remote filter for debugging remote problems
  • Updated plural forms from Unicode CLDR
  • PHP extractor avoids repeated comments
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.4


  • Unofficial languages showing in “Installed” dropdown
  • Fixed extraction bug where comment confused with file header
  • Fixed issue where src attributes requested from server during HTML strip
  • Added loco_admin_init hook into ajax router for consistency
  • Added warning on file info page when file is managed by WordPress
  • Minor help link and layout tweaks
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.1


  • File writer observes wp_is_file_mod_allowed
  • Fixed progress bug in editor for locales with nplurals=1
  • Made plural form categories translatable for editor UI
  • Sync-from-source raises warning when files are skipped
  • Added hack for extracting from .twig as per .php
  • Added warning when child themes declare parent text domain
  • Added option to control PO line wrapping
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.8.2


  • Permanently removed legacy version 1.x
  • Fixed bug where editor code view was not redrawn on resize
  • Fixed bug where fuzzy flag caused format flag to be ignored
  • Fixed bug where autoloader responded to very long class names
  • Purging WP object cache when active plugin list changes
  • Added experimental source word count into POT info tab
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.8.1


  • Editor improvements inc. column sorting
  • Added warnings that legacy version will be removed
  • Added PO source view text filtering
  • Added _fs_nonce for 4.7.5 compatibility
  • Migrated to canonical text domain
  • Removed wp class autoloading


  • CSS conflict fixes
  • Added option for UTF-8 byte order mark
  • Printf highlighting observes no-php-format flag
  • Fixed issue with translator role losing “read” permission


  • Minor fix for root path configs
  • Added alternative PHP extensions setting
  • Bumped WP version to 4.7.3
  • LoadHelper fix for core files
  • Allow revoking of permissions from translator role
  • Allow network admins to deny access to site admins


  • Extra debug logging and error diagnostics
  • Forcefully clear output buffers before Ajax flush
  • Bumped WordPress version to 4.7
  • Experimental wildcard text domain support


  • Allows missing domain argument in plugin_locale filter
  • Reverted editor changes that disabled readonly text
  • Added invisibles and coding editor switches
  • Added table filtering via text query
  • Added Last-Translator user preference


  • Bumped minimum WordPress version to 4.1
  • Some optimisation of transient caching
  • Fixed hash table settings bug


  • Source refs fix for files in unknown subsets
  • Downgrades PO formatting exceptions to PHP warnings
  • Renamed function prefixes to avoid PHP 7 warnings
  • Better support for php-format and no-php-format flag
  • PO source and editor UI tweaks
  • Localised strings and implemented in js


  • Fixed prototype.js conflict
  • More Windows file path fixes
  • Added loco_current_translator filter
  • Fixed false positive in extra files test


  • PO wrapping bugfix
  • Downgraded source code bugfix
  • Tolerating headerless POT files
  • Core bundle metadata tweaks


  • Deferred missing tokenizer warning
  • Allows editing of files in unconfigured sets
  • Added maximum PHP file size for string extraction
  • Display of PHP fatal errors during Ajax


  • Reduced session failures to debug notices
  • Added wp_roles support for WP < 4.3
  • Fixed domain listener bugs


  • Added support for Windows servers
  • Removed incomplete config warning on bundle overview


  • Fixed bug when absolute path used to get plugins
  • Added loco_plugins_data filter
  • Added theme Template Name header extraction
  • Minor copy amends


  • Added help link in settings page
  • Fixed opendir warnings in legacy code
  • Catching session errors during init
  • Removing meta row link when plugin not found


  • First release of completely rebuilt version 2