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  • Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis

    One of the most vivid recollections of my early boyhood is that of seeing my father return hastily into the…

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  • Mare Humorum

    Mare Humorum

    At the meager distance of 384,000 kilometers (238,000 miles) that separates us from it (about thirty times the diameter of…

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  • The November Meteors

    The November Meteors

    Although the appearance of shooting stars is a common enough phenomenon, visible every night of the year, there are certain…

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  • The Great Nebula in Orion

    The Great Nebula in Orion

    Without having by any means exhausted the variety exhibited by the spiral nebulæ, let us turn to the great representative…

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  • Part of the Milky Way

    Part of the Milky Way

    The Heavens are full of surprises, on which we can bestow but a fleeting glance within these limits. They present…

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  • Total Eclipse of the Sun

    Total Eclipse of the Sun

    Among all the celestial phenomena at which it may be our lot to assist during our contemplation of the universe,…

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